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  ABOUT EMARK ...    

Founded in 1990, Emark has a long history in the manufacturing and development of Batteries. As Emark grew, so did its product line, building up a tradition of reliable quality, durability and easy maintenance of it's product ranges. Specializing in Automotive, Motorcycle Batteries and Tubular Stationary Batteries for UPS and Inverters with proven Tubular Technology and a range of other Batteries for Solar Applications.

Emark have recently established a new manu-facturing facility with a modern & well equipped plant in Mahad, Dist Raigad, Maharashtra.

Our manufacturing facilities comply with International standards and production requirements and is ISO 9001-2008 certified for quality standards. Emark has a strong domestic marketing base across India and is now poised to cater to the international markets.

Our company provides logistics, flexibility and speed in all its operations to maximize customer satisfaction. This enables us to propose specific battery solutions for specific customer needs with one to one partnership. We can develop specific batteries as per customer requirement and offer a flexible production schedule resulting in faster delivery schedules.

Emark Batteries give excellent value & are backed by technical support, committed deliveries with a highly efficient and quality range of Batteries for Solar, Inverters and UPS with total customer satisfaction. All Emark Batteries are tested for conformance to the Bureau of Indian Standards specifications. The company deploys skilled & trained staff on various pre & post-production processes assuring customers with quality, flawless and defect-free products.

We have adopted three in one approach in our commitment to enjoy your patronage forever Service, Quality and Satisfaction.









Our Products

High Power Tubular Batteries

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High Performance Automotive Batteries

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Solar Application Batteries

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2 Volts Cell

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E-Rickshaw Batteries

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Motor-cycle Batteries






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